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PonderRosa Studios is pleased to offer a series of audio engineering workshops. Through the intensive two-day, Audio Engineering I course, students learn the fundamental skills necessary to record and mix great sounding music.



  • Setting up and running a recording session

  • Microphones and their uses

  • Music industry standard recording programs (Protools, Logic)

  • Setting up and running a mixing session

  • Plug-ins and audio effects.


Asst MGR | Recording | Mixing Engineer

John Locher started engineering when he was just thirteen years old inside of his garage at home. As he grew and developed his own personal knowledge of the science and art of engineering he started to reach out to artists in his area to become more skilled at his trade.  After high school he got accepted to and attended The School of Audio Engineering located in Manhattan, NY.  After graduating from school he immediately got an offer to intern and train at the Barbershop Studios located in Hopatcong, NJ. Upon completing his internship he was offered the opportunity to become an employee of the Barbershop. He recently became a full time engineer and assistant studio manager of PonderRosa Studios.  John has worked on projects of all genres specializing in Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop music. Aside from recording and mixing John also does song writing on projects and production consulting.




DATES Sat Nov 21 & Sun Nov 22 | TIME 12:00pm - 4:00pm | LOCATION PonderRosa Studios | PRICE $295 per student


For inquiries please contact John Locher at (973) 670-6763 or


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