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So, you want to start a podcast?

Everyone seems to be doing one! How hard could it be?

A computer, a microphone, skype? Right?


Well… Not all podcasts are created equal, and the competition for loyal listeners is pretty tough these days. The most recent data from spring 2020 indicates there are over 1 million podcasts out there with over 30 million episodes! And the audience is growing fast (yay!).


Nearly half the population of the US is listening to podcasts! 

49% of Americans are now listening to podcasts—some at home, but 22% now listening in their cars.*



That’s a lot of ears looking to be entertained, informed and engaged!


As a podcast listener, the choices can be overwhelming.


Reaching your audience through this crowded and noisy marketplace isn’t necessarily so easy.

Here’s where GD PonderRosa Studios comes in…

GD Studio was established in 2011 in Boonton, NJ, where the popular Green Divas Radio Show broadcasted a live 1-hour weekly radio show streaming from the original GD studio. That’s also when the show began editing and podcasting. Now the original show and its various podcast evolutions have over 800 podcasts in the original feed and over 1 million downloads. 















In 2012, GD Studio started producing podcasts for an impressive roster of outside clients, which includes Bill Bradley, Car and Driver Magazine, Cosmo Magazine, CRN, Deutsche Welle (DW), Gimlet Creative, GVK, Hearst Magazines, The Population Institute, Toyota +

In 2019, GD Studio acquired PonderRosa Studios in lovely Lafayette New Jersey, where music recording magic (and more) happens thanks to Tom Askin and his merry band of audio geeks and engineers. Since, then the merging of the two has created an audio haven for professionals recording everything from audiobooks, NPR radio vignettes and podcasts, to a wide-range of musical styles.


We are producing professional podcasts in a variety of genres including narrative, interview, magazine or variety style, storytelling, guided meditation, radio plays, live broadcast, video streaming, comedy, vignettes, branded +

In addition to expertise in podcast production from start to finish, GD PonderRosa Studios has a deep background in traditional marketing and public relations; social media marketing and associated digital media content development, management and production; as well as a full range of video production services.

GD PonderRosa Studios has an amazing team of creative and technical professionals from expert editorial staff and highly creative consultants to award-winning producers and audio engineers. GD PonderRosa Studios can also take care of the less than glamorous side of production in terms of managing editorial calendars, research on topics and guests, booking guests, basic scheduling and of course distribution and related maintenance of channels.

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Did we mention we now do professional audio AND hospitality with our seriously cool and inspiring Record & Retreat programs?

Whether for a large corporate marketing department or an individual with a great idea, GD PonderRosa Studios can work with almost any budget to create great podcasts and as you know by now almost any type of digital media.



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