the team


megan mcwilliams bouchard



Is a radio/podcast/video/digital media/event producer and now she is living the audio-geek dream at GD PonderRosa Studios. "Some girls like shoe shopping, I get a thrill from walking into
B & H in NY," said Megan.


Megan (aka Green Diva Meg) is a recovering magazine publisher turned radio host and producer. She created The Green Divas brand, which now has over 800 podcasts and 1 million downloads. Megan has a musical background and has dabbled in performing, but has always had a deep-rooted love and appreciation of music and sound. 


tom askin


Tom Askin is a seasoned music industry veteran.  He has been a national touring and recording musician for 20 years, first with his own band Alaskan and later with The Samples.  Throughout this time he gained engineering experience by multitrack 

recording at live venues and recording and mixing for the Samples. When not on tour Tom spent his time recording artists from diverse genres in his own Balsam Studios, which became PonderRosa Studios and of course now GD PonderRosa Studios. Tom’s friendly nature, passion for music, mad skills for recording and detailed ear for mixing/producing are just a few of the reasons nearly every artist that steps foot in the studio, always comes back for more.


wayne bouchard


Wayne is the token suit. He is the business manager and keeper of the spreadsheets and occasionally the only adult in the room. He's a master negotiator and keeps the finances flowing. Yay Wayne! And yes, he is a Red Sox fan. Deal with it.


lisa mcwilliams

Lisa is a Green Diva, a podcast producer and co-host, documentary film producer and loves feeding people and making them feel at home. Lisa born in NJ returns from Austin by way of Portland Maine.
She’s a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.

paul machado


With a degree in Music Production from Ramapo College of New Jersey, Paul has been recording and producing music since 2012. As a trained singer and guitarist, Paul brings his experience in performing music live over the years to his production techniques.


Previous to his great work at GD PonderRosa Studios, Paul has done engineering work at ro3audio Studios, Showplace Studios (Dover, NJ), and Chesky Records (NYC).


Paul (aka Paulie) has been in several musical groups, including ELI, ASAOK, and his most recent group, MotherBoard.

kevin guillorn


Kevin is legit with a degree in audio engineering from CCM, and has been recording, producing and performing as a musician with various bands since 2009. He’s been rockin’ GD PonderRosa Studios (in all its forms) since 2015. He started doing live sound in local VFW and other clubs, which eventually led to working for a company that did sound for larger events like October Fest and Taco Fest, along with live sound for bands such as We the Kings. As a rock star, Kevin performed and recorded with his band Catch the Break. A popular engineer and producer, Kevin has worked with many bands and recording artists including: Devil and the belfry, Fish house road, Flycatcher, From good homes, George Stritter, Jean pool, John kneer, Jomama Jones, MotherBoard, Paul from the internet, Progress avenue, Rhonda Ross, Rosey Bangle, Royals, Sean Henry tonight, Wee doggies, Will wood and the tape worms.