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Tracking Rate: $60 an hour *  Mixing Rate: $250 a mix

At PonderRosa Studios we pride ourselves on offering all services necessary to take your next album from start to completion.  Whether you are looking for complete arrangement and production or simply to take your Garage Band creations to the next level, we are here to exceed your needs.


* Price subject to the scope of the project.



Audio Recording

Audio Mixing

ProTools Editing

Online Mixing

Production / Arranging

Vocal Tuning

Drum / Sound Replacement

Noise Reduction

Voiceover Recording

Session Musicians for Hire

NJ recording studio



Music Videos

Session Photography

Video Editing




Offered through collaboration

with our partners at

Austin Hein Productions

Winter Wind: Liz Nordstrom Band



Album Artwork

Copyright Registration

ASCAP / BMI Affiliation

Discmakers Packaging and Digital Distribution

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